Choreographed by Audra Wilson 


Performed by the 2022 Summer Series, Open Level Track: Bianca Brady-Motta, Katerina Carpenter, Crystal Castanon, Jennifer Corall, Quiana Darden, Heidi Doorlag, Grace Flint, Diamond Freeman, Muriel Lam, Dominique Militello, Brandon Paffile, Afton Steinhoff, Nadia Sturdivant, Megan Teynor,  Stephanie Trujillo, Mae Turner, Sara Reichenbach, Kaylee Winsand and Alyssa Zamora

Music: Outro by Rhye, Tomorrow by Miner

*The Open Level Track is for the mover who once danced many years ago, just started dancing a couple years ago, or perhaps has never even stepped foot into a dance studio but feels an invitation from the Lord and to learn​ about the Father's design for dance as a part of intercession and worship. 



Choreographed by Kaylan Alday 


Performed by Ashtyn Babb, Cayce Diggs, Natalie Goggans, Ameryce Johnson, Casey Martin, Diamond Moseley, Megan Neese, Abigail Pontius, Gabriel Francisco Richardson, Jazmyne Stickles, Sarah Kate Stolz and Xavier Williams 

Music: The Departure by Max Richter and Lang Lang, Elysia's Eyes by Audiomachine and Paul Dinletir

"The fire shall ever be burning upon the altar; it shall never go out." Leviticus 3:18



Choreographed by Abigail Hardy 


Performed by Abigayle Anderson, Logan Blount, Katie Clamme, Natalie Goggans, Isabella Lee, Abigail Pontius, Sarah Kate Stolz and Emily West


Music: Alabaster Box by Cece Winnans 

...rest assured. Assure, a life lived at the feet Our King can fill every space with HIs embrace. An embrace that changes everything. 


Choreographed by Hailey Summers 


Performed by Kaylan Alday, Luis Gomez, Ashlee Houghton, Sem Houmes, Faith Lane, Aiesha Phillips, Elijah Richardson, Hailey Summers, Deivin Velasquez, Emily West, Xavier Williams and Angus Wu

Music: Land of Honey by Flying Lotus and Solange

In loving memory of James Antione Cody, aka CODE



Choreographed by Jessica Lohr 


Performed by Lisa Broere, Kevin Dakake, Elise Fogle, Rebecca Hunter, Elise Fogle, Megan Neese, Lacey Pailes, Gabriel Francisco Richardson and Audra Wilson

Music: String Quartet No. 5, “Music for the Lodger”: Vl. Intermezzo 2, The Hunting by Ezio Bosso The Turin String Quartet), Glass by Hania Rani



Choreographed by Xavier Williams  


Performed by Breanna Aguilar, Ashlee Houghton, Rebecca Hunter, Emily Moorman, Jutta Salmela, Jazmyne Stickles, Jaeda Swindell, Veronica Tellefsen
and Julianna Yap

Music: Spoken Word by Xavier Williams, Requiem, K.626: Lacrimosa, W.A. Mozart, Michael Finnissy, Academy of Ancient Music

Falling out of faith, due to grieving a family member.

Followed by the journey back to the light.


Choreographed by Ann Sterling Dale and Vincent Hardy  


Performed by Breanna Aguilar, AmieGrace Bledsoe, Jada Correll, Ann Sterling Dale, Grace Flint, Shalisha Hurd, Annika Kroeker, Rebecca Landers, Rachel Masick, Sofia Markarian, Casey Martin, Mikayla Mattheis, Hayden J. McLelland, Jutta Salmela, Maddy Swandt, Jaeda Swindell and Avery Taylor

Music: Brand New Day from the Original Soundtrack The Wiz 

Song of Songs 2:13

Can you not discern this new day of destiny breaking forth around you? The early signs of my purposes and plans are bursting forth. The budding vines of new life are now blooming everywhere.




Choreographed by Vincent Hardy


Performed by Kaylan Alday, BriAsha Aldridge, Lisa Broere, Stephanie Dai, Kevin Dakake, Elise Fogle, Marilyn Miller, Madison Moseman, Megan Neese, Elijah Richardson, Tina Tobias, Rachel Waid and Xavier Williams 

Music: Gabriel by House Gospel Choir, Nobody Knows by Unknown, Zach Lemmon, Alexander Rudd and Katherine Deal, Adiwele by Young Stunna, Kabza De Small, DJ Maphorisa, Brazen Altar Sermon voiceover by Dr. Juanita Bynum

Matthew 16:24

Then Jesus said to His disciples, "If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me." 



Choreographed by Audra Wilson 


Performed by Christina Alemayehu, Ashtyn Babb, Luis Gomez, Sem Houmes, Rebecca Hunter, Hannah Kabler, Goldie Mims, Julia Myers, Sara Reichenbach , Gabriel Francisco Richardson, Jazmyne Stickles, Angus Wu and Alyssa Zamora

Music: Temen Oblak by Christopher Tin

Ceaseless prayer of Saints 

Still knocking, seeking, asking 

Fire keepers take heart 



Choreographed by Daniel Lim 


Performed by Abigayle Anderson, AmieGrace Bledsoe, Logan Blount, Katie Clamme, Ameryce Johnson, Hannah Kabler, Goldie Mims, Madison Moseman, Ian Ng, Maddy Swandt, Tina Tobias and Rachel Waid

The literal definition of this Hebrew word "Abba" means "father", but this word has two elements to its meaning: 1. Intimacy and 2. Obedience. When we cry out to Abba, we are not only calling him Father, we are choosing to submit under his obedience and seek out intimacy with Him. Dig deep inside and allow yourself to truly surrender to Abba. Allow your trials to become your testimony. 


Choreographed by Stephanie Dai


Performed by Kevyn Butler, Kevin Dakake, Stephanie Dai, Shalisha Hurd, Isabella Lee, Jessica Lohr, Rachel Masick, Hayden J. McLelland, Aiesha Phillips, Emily West and Angus Wu

Music: “Dawn Chorus” by Thom Yorke

Is there more to this? What happens if we invite listening which invites empathy which invites connection?


Choreographed by Kevyn Butler


Performed by BriAsha Aldridge, Annika Kroeker,

Faith Lane, Isabella Lee, Mikayla Mattheis, Emily Moorman, Ian Ng, Jutta Salmela, Veronica Tellefsen, Deivin Velasquez

and Julianna Yap



Choreographed by Logan Blount


Performed by Breanna Aguilar, Christina Alemayehu, Lisa Broere, Elise Fogle, Ashlee Houghton, Rebecca Hunter, Marilyn Miller, Madison Moseman, Lacey Pailes, Maddy Swandt, Jaeda Swindell, Tina Tobias, Rachel Waid

Music: 2/3's Adventure, Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra, Wynton Marsalis 

"Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you."
Isaiah 60:1


Choreographed by Vincent Hardy


Performed by Abigayle Anderson, AmieGrace Bledsoe, Katie Clamme, Cayce Diggs, Natalie Goggans, Luis Gomez, Sem Houmes, Ameryce Johnson, Faith Lane, Marilyn Miller, Diamond Moseley, Ian Ng, Abigail Pontius, Sarah Kate Stolz and Deivin Velasquez

Music: Flower and Rain by Koresh Evolution


"The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer, My God, my Rock, in whom I take refuge; My shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold." 

Psalm 18:2