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Featuring the 2022-2023 Residency & ZION II Artists

I Speak Jesus

Choreographed by Vincent Hardy, Abigail Hardy

and Kaylan Alday

Performed by The Residency

"I Speak Jesus" by Charity Gayle and Steven Musso


Between Promise and Fulfillment 

Choreographed by Camille D.C. Sutton
Performed by ZION II Artists

Produced by the School of Ecclesiastic Music (SEM) in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Mount Lebanon

At Last

Choreographed by Abigail Hardy

Performed by Ashleigh Christain, Jahireh Chevalier, Emily Hulstein, Hannah Kabler, Rebecca Landers, Izzy Lee, Casey Martin, Anavah Mecklenburg, Maddie Selby and Kaitlyn Smith

"At Last" by Etta James

On the Altar

Choreographed by Kaylan Alday

Performed by Anika Campbell, Diné Davis, Ashlee Houghton, Lela Mager, Natshia Moten, Jutta Salmela, Jazmyne Stickles, Katie Sutherland, Jaeda Swindell, Lacey Pailes, Mackenzie Upperman, Deivin Velasquez and Arielle Weinstein

"The Departure" by Max Richter and Lang Land

"Elysia's Eyes" by Audiomachine and Paul Dinletir

Returning to the Garden

Choreographed by Kaylan Alday and Audra Wilson

Performed by Bianca Brady, Lauren Howard, Megan Teynor and Muriel Lamb

"Desert Dancer" by Benjamin Wallfisch

"Tend" by UPPERROOM and Joel Figueroa


Choreographed by Logan Blount

Performed by The Residency

"Another Star" by Stevie Wonder

20 Minute Intermission

A Will to Shed 

Choreographed by Vincent Hardy

Performed by The Residency

"Vesna" by DakhaBrakha


Choreographed by Vincent Hardy
Performed by ZION II Artists

“NN/Peaks” by Kangding Ray


Choreographed by Sarah Matzke

Performed by The Residency

"Nine Lives: Level 5 Warmup" and "Rhythm of the Rainforest" by Cassidy Byars


Choreographed by Abigail Hardy

Friday Show - Ashleigh Christian, Jahireh Chevalier, Rebecca Landers, Anavah Mecklenburg and Maddie Selby

Saturday Show - Emily Hulstein, Hannah Kabler, Izzy Lee, Casey Martin and Kaitlin Smith 

"Perseverance" by Michele McLaughlin

Come to Jesus

Choreographed by Vincent Hardy

 Performed by ZION II and The Residency

"Come to Jesus" by SANCTUARY Worship, Blake Perry, Emoni Robinson and Kira Daffin 

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