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July 5-20, 2024

This summer, Zion Dance Project offers dancers the life-transforming experience of renewing their identity, purpose, and performance in dance. Join the movement lighting the way.

Auditions are
now OPEN!

Principle, Professional and Emerging Artists 
Please choose complete the Google Form below and choose In-Person or Online Audition.

The In-Person Audition will be held
in Dallas, TX on April 20th.

Online Auditions will be open until June 28th. 

Results will be sent out within 2 weeks of receiving audition materials. 

Intro Program
is now OPEN!

Beginner-Intermediate Movers
No prior dance experience required, just a willing body, soul and spirit

Acceptances will be sent out within 2 weeks of receiving your registration materials. 

Registration will close June 28th.

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