The Zion Dance Project is a growing platform and outlet for Christian artists, comprised of dancers around the world in various dance careers and dance journeys.


Led by Vincent and Abigail Hardy, ZDP provides professional dancers the opportunity to present high quality and unabashedly faith-filled art, both on theatrical and digital platforms. It is also designed to educate, realign, inspire and transform professional artist into the dwelling place they were created to be.


ZDP seeks to foster God-centered collaborations in innovative ways. With this platform, ZDP hopes to bring more of an awareness to artists of the spiritual principle and power of integrating one's dance and faith together.

2019-20 Season 3



ZDP operates as a project dance company, with the unique capacity to present work in traditional and unconventional venues. Professional level dancers are hired to rehearse and perform based on varying project events.  ZDP is available to concert theaters, churches, conferences, studios, music videos, special events, and festivals.





ZDP views social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube as an unreached mission field. We hope to illuminate the dance community's social streams with spiritual awareness and stand as a witness to the “answer-seeking generation”. ZDP uses social media platforms to encourage others to share their faith, testimonies, and prayers in innovative and artistic ways. Zion Dance Project’s ongoing global media conversation includes content that inspires, informs, and empowers.

Classes + Workshops


ZDP offers informative opportunities through teaching workshops, masterclasses, high school demonstrations/performances, and lectures. These opportunities are available to educate both the individual and organizations such as churches, dance ministries, youth ministries, dance teams, and other organizations interested in learning more about the application of dance as a spiritual practice or dance as ministry.

Ministry + Service


Taking dance experiences to organizations and ministries nationally and internationally for the purpose of enlightenment.