Kaylan Alday is a Dallas based interdisciplinary movement artist and maker. She was born in Houston, Texas where her love for dance began at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts at the age of four. After moving to Mobile, Alabama, she continued training in ballet, jazz, hip hop and contemporary styles under the direction of Colby and Celi Shinn at Sheffield’s School of the Dance and Zoë Lombard-Todd at Mobile Ballet. After high school, she attended The University of the Arts, School of Dance in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where she trained under the direction of Donna Faye Burchfield, and in the spring of 2019 received a BFA in Dance Performance and Choreography, as well as a minor in Art Therapy. During her time at school she worked with renowned artists such as Jesse Zaritt, Sidra Bell, Kyle and Dinita Clark, Katie Swords Thurman and Tommie-Waheed Evans.


In addition to her training at UArts, Kaylan attended the American Dance Festival in 2017 where she worked with international artists Lui Wen-Chun and Saar Harari, and in the winter of 2017 traveled to France and Belgium where she worked with distinguished choreographers Douglas Becker, Clinton Stringer (Rosas), Dominique Duszynzky (Pina Bausch), Daniel Candamine (Pina Bausch), and Gala Moody (Cie.OFEN).


In her personal practice, Kaylan believes that dance can be used as a forum where the physicality of healing and freedom can be observed, felt, and experienced. She understands dance to be a genius of humanity, seeing beyond the flesh and nourishing the soul and spirit through the invitation of the Holy Spirit. She further believes dance to be wild... dangerous… limitless and existing without restraint while also being gracious and merciful, loving beyond understanding as it yearns to restore and unify as a reflection of Jesus Christ. Most recently her work, an act that mends, a collaborative, multimedia performative work that captures the essence of forgiveness, was presented at The Gershman Y in Philadelphia. She is looking forward to creating more collaborative work in the DFW area, and diving deep into the beautiful arts community here in Dallas.   


Currently, Kaylan is entering into her second season as an apprentice with Zion Dance Project under the direction of Vincent and Abigail Hardy, and spends her days sharing her love for dance in the studio teaching and fulfilling her duties as an arts admin. When she is not dancing, you can find Kaylan outdoors soaking up as many sun rays as possible, eating a giant bowl of pasta, or covered in paint and chalk making new artwork in her room.