The company (1).png

TOP ROW (left to right): Michael Steed, Catherine Fletcher, Kaitlin Kinsey, Logan Greer, Abigail Hardy, Hayden McLelland, Anna Lee Green, Gabriel Francisco Richardson and Ann Sterling Dale


BOTTOM ROW (left to right): Madeleine Meyer, Kevyn Butler, Michaela Butts, Kaylan Alday, Brittney McClelland and Camille D.C. Sutton 

Not Pictured: Roma Catania and Daniel Lim

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TOP ROW (left to right): Jazmyne Stickles, Beloved Townsend, Brandon Piffle, Anna Vazquez, Emily Bridges, Moriah McClure, Kylin Kempson, Jayqwon Tobias, Grace Porteous, Maddy Swandt, Marilyn Miller, Rebecca Landers and Hannah Staton 

BOTTOM ROW (left to right): Faith Blue Magee, Maddie Selby, Ashlee Houghton, Diné Davis and Anika Campbell