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Zion Dance Project's Residency program is a nine-month training and discipleship program equipping dancers with technical training, ministry opportunity, and spiritual activation.

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Introducing Zion Dance Project's The Residency Program, where aspiring dancers embark on a sacred journey towards deeper spiritual connection and ministry impact. Guided by Directors Vincent and Abigail Hardy, Zion Dance Project is renowned for its pioneering approach to prophetic dance, empowering worshippers to move with divine purpose both nationally and globally.


During our immersive residency program, Residents are enveloped in an atmosphere that ignites a passion for Kingdom expression and cultivates excellence in prophetic movement. This program uniquely blends ministry experience with artistic development, equipping worshippers to seamlessly integrate spiritual warfare, intercession, and prophetic worship into their dance practice.


We believe reaching for excellence is biblical even though the world, and sometimes the Church, has deemed it unobtainable. It's not about perfection but rather stewarding the gifts God has given us.

You will be spending 14+ hours a week training in the studio with a focus on technique and choreography. These classes are geared to help you grow in excellence and skill.

Led by Zion Dance Project Company members, who serve as instructors and mentors, Residents delve into various modalities and somatic practices to unlock the gift of prophetic dance. All Residency Instructors have obtained education in dance performance and choreography and have experience in the professional field.


What does David’s Tabernacle look like in the 21st Century? This is an ongoing exploration in the heart of ZDP as we believe dance was a part of the original tabernacle. We have found is that dance is one of the most unexplored expressions in the levitical priesthood calling, and we are on a mission to change that.

In times of worship and ministry, you will learn about priestly, prophetic and apostolic worship, the difference between congregational and secret place worship, and how to use dance in evangelism. 

Beyond the studio, they receive hands-on training in church ministry settings, learning how to navigate and lead in worship environments with grace and authority.


Discipleship is led by ZDP Faculty in partnership with UPPERROOM School of Ministry and Glory of Zion. In weekly Tribe Groups and workshops you will learn what it means to deny oneself, lay everything on the altar and follow God. Perspectives of what walking with God looks like will be challenged in order to break the box of religious complacency and discover that walking with God is more beautiful and more intimate than we could ever imagine!

Through our unique partnership with UPPERROOM School of Ministry (USM), Residents will have the opportunity to take what you learn in the studio and explore what dance can look like within the church body on a weekly basis in a church home that believes dance is a vital part of worship.

This will include spending time in the prayer room, being enrolled in a USM Course with USM students, and serving the house on Prayer Sets during the week. 


Check back in soon to see more about the weekly schedule and ZDP Curriculum!



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