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Zion Dance Project's The Residency is a nine-month professional training and discipleship program equipping dancers with technical training, performance opportunity, and spiritual activation.

"We burn to see an army of dancers rise up, who have been called and appointed to become ambassadors of Christ and use the medium of dance as an expression of God’s heart. We believe the art of dance is a tool to release a fresh outpouring of God's Spirit, which encourages audiences around the world to experience a more intimate relationship with God." - Vincent and Abigail Hardy


The Residency is a continuation of this mission.  It is an extension of what was started back in 2017 with the Summer Series. It is a cry to experience more! Not just for 3 weeks, but something that can be cultivated and sealed for a lifetime. 

Why The


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In weekly discipleship with Vincent and Abigail Hardy, dancers will learn what it means to deny the self, lay everything on the altar and follow God. Perspectives of what walking with God looks like will be challenged in order to break the box of religious complacency and discover that walking with God is more beautiful and more intimate than we could ever imagine.



Residency Artists will be spending 15+ hours a week training in the studio with a focus on technique and choreography. All Residency Instructors hold either a BFA and/or MFA in dance performance and choreography and have experience in the professional field.


These classes are geared to help dancers grow in excellence and skill. We believe reaching for excellence is biblical even though the world, and sometimes the Church, has deemed it unobtainable. It's not about perfection but rather stewarding the gifts God has given us. 



What would David’s Tabernacle look like in 2021? This is an ongoing exploration in the heart of Zion as we believe dance was a part of the original tabernacle. In times of worship and ministry, dancers will learn about prophetic dance, apostolic worship, movement as testimony and evangelism, and congregational vs personal moments of worship.



The focus in performance growth is less about the applause of an audience and more about beholding and ministering to God . We believe the art of dance is a tool to release a fresh outpouring of God's Spirit, which encourages audiences around the world to experience a more intimate relationship with God. It’s about seeing the glory of God unveiled over an audience and believing for signs, wonders and miracles to be released. 

Residency Artists will have at least two opportunities to perform, with the possibility of more, throughout the nine-month program.

"Pushing the boundaries of what it looks like to be a Christian dancer, Zion is committed to raising the standard of Christian art and restoring the full expression of worship to establish the Kingdom of God in the professional dance industry and in the global church as it is in heaven."

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His Presence Transforming Lives... Morning, Noon, & Night.

The stirring question as a Kingdom dancer is, "How do I pursue the Presence of God with my dance?" Its the search for Davidic worship; and what we at Zion have found is that dance is one of the most unexplored expressions in the levitical priesthood calling, and we are on mission to change that.

As a church, UPPERROOM is committed to pursuing the Presence morning, noon and night believing that "God is the preeminent answer to our greatest needs, and the only thing that will transform lives and cities." 

In a unique partnership with UPPERROOM Dallas and the UPPERROOM School of Ministry (USM), Residency Artists will have the opportunity to take what they learn in the studio and explore what dance can look like within the church body on a weekly basis in a church home that believes dance is a vital part of worship.

Residency Artists will spend approximately 10 hours a week at UR Dallas learning how to minister to the Lord and growing in the knowledge of God and His Word. This will include spending time in the prayer room, being enrolled in USM's Biblical Foundations course with USM students, and serving the house on Sundays. 

To find out more about USM and the heart of UPPERROOM click the link below!   


"We strive to ignite the hearts of dancers challenging the generation to dance for the Lord with spirit and excellence."

Vincent &
Abigail Hardy

Weekly Schedule

*all class & rehearsal times are subject to change and will be finalized before the first day of the residency program



USM Day 

8-10a in Prayer Room

Devotional Morning 

10-11:30a USM Class 

Biblical Foundations

12-2p Participating in  Prayer Set as Dance Team



ZDP Day 



Ballet Technique


Modern Technique


Movement Lab & Composition Class






8-10a in Prayer Room 

Devotional Morning

10-11:30a USM Class

Biblical Foundations 


12-2p Prayer Set (optional)



ZDP Day 

10-11:30a Ballet

with Abigail Hardy 

11:30-12:45p Contemporary with Vincent Hardy 

1-2p Residency Rehearsal 

2-3p Discipleship/Prophetic Movement/Worship



ZDP Day 


9-10a Ballet Technique

10-11:30a Company Class


11:30-3p Company Rehearsal

*Residency dancers will have the opportunity to dance with the company on Fridays and potentially be casted in large group pieces as well as understudy company works.

Meet the Faculty


Vincent Hardy


Vincent Hardy a UNIVERSITY OF THE ARTS alum, danced for Complexions Contemporary Ballet under the direction of Desmond Richardson and Dwight Rhoden...





Abigail Hardy began her dance training at a young age developing skill in performance, choreography, and teaching. In her early training, Hardy studied through...




Program Coordinator

Kaylan Alday is a Dallas based interdisciplinary movement artist and maker. She was born in Houston, Texas where her love for dance began at the Royal Academy...

Sarah Matzke.jpg



Residency Instructor

Sarah Matzke is an artist, choreographer, and professor of dance at Texas Christian University and The University of Texas at Dallas. Matzke holds a Master of Fine Arts in Choreography...




Residency Students will be taught be various company members while taking class with the company on Fridays.


Previous experience includes American Ballet Theatre, Ron K. Brown, METdance, Bruce Wood Dance and more

How to Apply

Applications NOW open!


All applications must be submitted

online via our website.


To apply fill our the questionnaire and complete the video submission process by clicking the link below.


Applications will close July 17, 2021

Admissions & Tuition

A nonrefundable deposit of $250 is required to secure your admission into The Residency. Your admissions letter from ZDP does not secure your spot; your deposit does.

Tuition for the 2021-2022 school year is $4,500, and covers all classes, books, costume fees and the Fall and Spring Retreat.


Tuition does not cover living expenses while in Dallas, transportation to retreats, to and from rehearsals or performance locations.



Fall Semester 2021
August 28: Orientation
August 30: First Day of Class
November 22-25: Thanksgiving Break
December 16: Last Day of Class

December 17-19 Christmas Show 


Winter Break December 20-January 9

Spring Semester 2022
January 10: First Day of Class
March 28-31: Spring Break
May 30: Last Day of Class 

Spring Show Dates TBD





I'm interested in The Residency! How do I apply? What is the audition process?

Auditions for Zion Dance Project's The Residency 2021 Year will be an online application process, which includes a questionnaire and video submissions. 

Applications NOW open and will close July 17, 2021.


What age do you need to be to apply for the Residency?

Dancers ages 18-35 are welcome and encouraged to apply. 

If you are a graduating high school senior, and will not turn 18 by the start of the program and are interested please email us at ziondanceproject@gmail.com before applying. 


What scholarships are available for The Residency?

Scholarships are not available at this time for The Residency.

We will be encouraging all students to fundraise tuition funds and seek support/sponsorship from friends, family, and local churches as they embark on this journey. 


Payment plans will also be available upon request. 


What are the main classes offered in The Residency?

Classes include, but are not limited to, classical and contemporary ballet, contemporary, modern (including Horton and Graham), and jazz.

Residency students will be taking four technique classes a week: two on Tuesdays, one on Wednesdays and one on Fridays before entering into rehearsal.

Other classes include: Discipleship with Vincent and Abigail Hardy and USM's Biblical Foundations.

If you have any other questions, please contact us!

Thanks for submitting!

We will get back to as soon as we can! 


What performance opportunities are there within the Residency?

Residency students will have at least two opportunities to perform, with the possibility of more, throughout the nine-month program. Students will present works alongside  the Company in two culminating shows at the end of each semester (Christmas and Spring).


Other opportunities may include local festivals, video projects and church events with or without the Company. 


I have never been to the Summer/Winter Series before, should I apply?


No previous experience with Zion Dance Project is required to apply!

If you're heart is burning and you feel the Lord leading you here, please apply! We would love for you to join the tribe!