This summer, Zion Dance Project launches the ZIONITES! We desire to see the youngest of worshippers come forth in the fullness of joy and freedom in dance and worship!


Discovering Dance - Releasing Joy - Fostering Curiosity & Freedom 

We are so excited for our first year of our Zionites! It has been on our hearts for a long time to provide a space for the youngest of worshippers to come and release the sound of praise in Zion!  


Our desire is for these mighty movers to experience what it’s like to dance with and for the Holy Spirit in a way they have maybe never experienced before.


Zionites will provide the opportunity to learn about styles of dance such as ballet, jazz, musical theater and hip hop, while discovering what it means to be a dancer in God's Kingdom.


Camp Details

When: June 15-18, 2022

Where: UPPERROOM Dallas ​(1350 Manufacturing St. Unit 111 Dallas, TX 75207)

Morning Camp (Ages 4-9) 

Daily Schedule Outline: 

Each day will consist of 2 classes in various styles of dance including ballet, jazz, lyrical, musical theater, hip hop and more! Following class, students will move into rehearsal to learn a piece that they will be performing at the In-Studio Showcase! 

To end our morning together, all little movers will enter in to time of worship with ribbons, flags and more to praise the King of Kings! 

Wednesday - Friday

9:00-9:40a Class #1

9:50-10:30a Class #2

10:30-11:00a Rehearsal 

11:00-11:30a Worship Session


12:30 Drop Off 

12:30- 1:00p Class/Warm Up 

1:00-1:45p Showcase Rehearsal with ALL Zionites 


*Family and friends are invited to the in-studio showcase at the end of camp! It'll be a fun performance sharing all that we learned together during the week! Be sure to bring your camera. You'll want to capture this moment of seeing your dancer move in spirit and truth! 

Total Tuition Cost: $220 (includes Zionites T-Shirt)

Afternoon Camp (Ages 9-14)

I. Artistic + Technical Development

  • 7 Technique Classes ranging in ballet, contemporary, modern, jazz, hip hop, improvisation and more

  • 5.5 Hours in the ZDP Rehearsal Process 

II. Ministry & Outreach 

  • Activation in the Prophetic Arts 

  • 3+ Key Spiritual Leaders Sessions on topics such as identity, purpose, inner healing, intercession, prophecy and deliverance 

Daily Schedule Outline: 

Wednesday - Friday

1:00-2:00p Technique Class #1

2:00-3:00p Technique Class #2

3:00-4:00p Rehearsal Block

4:00-4:30p Meal Break

4:30-5:45p Speaker Session & Worship


12:30 Drop Off 

12:30- 1:00p Class/Warm Up 

1:00-1:45p Showcase Rehearsal with ALL Zionites 


*All participants will be casted in one piece that will be learned during the rehearsal block each day and presented at the the Zionites In-Studio Showcase at the end of the intensive for all friends and family to see!

Total Tuition Cost: $320 (includes Zionites T-Shirt)


2022 Faculty 

The Zionites faculty will consist of ZDP Directors Vincent and Abigail Hardy as well as a group of current ZDP Company Members and Guest Artists! 

The full faculty roster will be announced soon! Stay tuned! 



Registration is Open! 

We are so excited to welcome the next generation of dancers into this movement that is lighting the way! 

If you are ready to register, please click the button below!

The link will take you straight to the registration form and from there you will be able to secure your spot for this year's Zionites Dance Camp! 

We can't wait to dance with you!