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Calling all ZIONITES! Zion Dance Project desires to see the youngest of worshippers come forth in the fullness of joy and freedom in dance and worship!



Discovering Dance - Releasing Joy - Fostering Curiosity & Freedom 

We are so excited for the launching of weekly classes for the 2023- 24 school year! It has been on our hearts for a long time to provide a space for the youngest of worshippers to come and release the sight and sound of praise in Zion!  


Our desire is for these mighty movers to experience what it’s like to dance with and for the Holy Spirit in a way they have maybe never experienced before.


Zionites will provide the opportunity to learn about styles of dance such as ballet, jazz, contemporary, and hip hop, while discovering what it means to be a dancer in God's Kingdom.

Day: Thursdays


Class Offerings


    - Ages 3-5: Ballet/Hip Hop

    - Ages 6-8: Ballet/Hip Hop

    - Ages 9-12: Contemporary/Hip Hop



    - Ages 9- 16: Ballet Technique

    - Ages 4-8: Ballet/Hip Hop



    - Ages 13-16: Contemporary/Hip Hop 


One Time Registration Fee - $50

1 hour - $70 per month

2 hour - $130 per month

Schedule of Dance Classes Offered

Tuition Cost

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