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Upcoming Events

Performances, Engagements, and Workshops

Zion Dance Project believes the art of dance can break walls and enlighten the world to the spiritual realities of Christ and His divine nature

Oct 7

Dance Africa

Zion Main Company + 2nd Company

Nov 4

Selah Gala

Zion Main Company

Nov 10-11

Fall Zion Concert

Zion Main Company + 2nd Company

Dec 15-16

Zion Christmas Show

Zion Main Company, 2nd Company, The Residency

Dec 7-13

Birchman Christmas Shows

Zion Main Company

April 18-20

Performances & Tickets

Oct 27

Artists in Unity

Zion Main Company + 2nd Company

Dec 27-Jan 1


Currently available for booking events, workshops, dance festivals, churches, conferences, and schools. A member of the Zion Dance Project staff will follow up with you directly to confirm the details of your booking request.

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