DALLAS 2022 
June 24 - July 9

This summer, Zion Dance Project offers professionals dancers the life-transforming experience of renewing their identity, purpose, and performance in dance. Join the movement lighting the way.

Summer Series 

Discover Your Purpose - Find Your Tribe - Training Body + Mind + Spirit


Zion Dance Project Summer Series is an activating program connecting hand-selected, dancers and movers with influential speakers and choreographers from around the world in Dallas, TX.

ZDP equips the dancer at various stages of their career and experience by providing spiritual skills necessary to walk in their identity and purpose, by establishing their call as a sacred dancer, and by enriching them with new perspectives to what it means to dance for and with the Spirit of God.

This structure is highly unusual in the context of the everyday rehearsal process of a dancer. We believe there will be a revival movement in the field of professional dance where more artists begin to glorify and offer the gift of dance back to the Creator.

In addition to this unique professional development, dancers will receive 20+ hours of teaching and impartation on topics such as identity, purpose, inner healing, intercession, prophetic, deliverance, and spiritual formation.

These guest speakers are powerfully well-equipped in their teachings, selected based on their experience in the field of ministry. Dancers will have the opportunity to engage and ask questions with speakers as well as receive mentorship on their spiritual journey.

Each day, morning technique classes are offered with genres such as ballet, contemporary, modern, jazz, and more. Dancers can expect to explore different spiritual artistic approaches and choreographic processes.

​This schedule fosters each individual’s artistic development by encouraging new skills and activation of deeper incorporation of faith and dance. Saturdays are filled with events, outreach performances, and showings.

ZDP Summer Series is committed to platforming and showcasing the work of today’s up-and-coming faith-filled artists. On the final weekend of the project, a concert will be presented in Dallas, Texas to showcase the work and growth of the dancers.


One of our greatest desires in preparing for Summer Series is to create space for every kind of mover who desires to attend this event. This means creating a space for both the movers who have been doing this for years and the movers who are just starting this journey! 


Every year we’ve seen a sense of family culminate between dancers nurtured in this invaluable community of artists!

This year we will be hosting 2 Main Tracks within our Summer Series program: Artist and Open Level!


Check out this breakdown to see which Track you want to audition for! 


The Artist Track is specifically designed for the Professional, Collegiate and Advanced dancers who have previous dance experience and high technical training ages 16 and up. 

​If selected, dancers live a unique and intense experience, working closely with other professional and pre-professional dancers in the context of a professional rehearsal setting while exploring the incorporation of the Presence of God throughout the creative process. 

Each day consists of challenging master classes in techniques including, but not limited to, ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary and hip hop. Following technique classes, rehearsals will be begin with the Summer Series choreographers. All dancers will be cast in at least one piece for the culminating Summer Series Show. 

As an extension of the Artist Track, dancers who audition will be considered for the role of Principle Artist. Principle Artists are gifted with a tuition scholarship and may be casted in up to 3 pieces for the Summer Series concert.



If you have been wondering "Do I need to have previous dance experience to attend Summer Series?" Look no further! I have the answer for you! 

You don't! And guess what! This track was created for you! 

The Open Level Track is for the mover who once danced many years ago, just started dancing a couple years ago, or perhaps has never even stepped foot into a dance studio but feels an invitation from the Lord and simply wants to say "Yes!" 

With an open age range and a skill level of beginner to intermediate, Open Level is designed to give the mover a taste of the technical foundations of various styles of dance including ballet, modern, contemporary and hip hop, while focusing on the Father's design for dance as a part of intercession and worship. 

If you feel the tug on your heart to come, and have not been sure there would be place for you here, do not hesitate! Audition now and join us! You belong here! 

Program Details

When: June 24 - July 9, 2022

Where: North of Dallas - Frisco, TX (exact location to be announced) 

Total Tuition Cost: $1,175 + $50 Registration Fee (includes Summer Series T-Shirt)

I. Artistic Development

  • 25 Technique Classes with Master Teachers ranging in ballet, contemporary, modern, jazz, hip hop, improvisation and more

  • 75+ Hours in the ZDP Rehearsal Process 

  • 7+ Key Spiritual Leaders Seminars on topics such as identity, purpose, inner healing, intercession, prophecy and deliverance 

II. Performance 

  • 1 Dance Film Project 

  • 1 Weekend of Concert Performances featuring 16 staged works created during the program

III. Ministry & Outreach 

  • Activation in the Prophetic Arts 

  • 1 Worship Night at UPPERROOM Dallas 

  • 2 Fellowship Gatherings 

Daily Schedule Outline: 

Principle & Artist Track

9:00-10:15a Technique Class #1

10:15-11:30a Rehearsal Block 1

11:30-12:45p Rehearsal Block 2 

12:45-1:15p Lunch Break

1:15-2:15p Technique Class #2

2:15-3:30p Rehearsal Block 3

3:30-4:15p Dinner Break/Transition

4:15-7:00p Speaker Session & Worship

*All participants will be casted for the rehearsal blocks. When you don't have rehearsal, dancers are encouraged to take care of their bodies and fellowship with other dancers. 

Open Level Track

9:00-10:15a Dance Class #1

10:15-12:45p Open Level Rehearsal

12:45-1:15p Lunch Break 

1:15-2:15p Dance Class #2

2:15-3:30p Dance Class #3

3:30-4:15p Dinner Break /Transition 

4:15-7:00p Speaker Session & Worship


What do I wear? Is there a dress code? Hair requirements? Shoes? 

At Summer Series we do not have a dress code.

For the Principle and Artist Tracks, we simply ask all dancers to respect the style of dance you may be practicing each day. Meaning, on a day I take ballet I will want to wear form fitting clothes which could be tights and leotard, leo and bikers, leggings and a tank top, etc. We do ask that everyone bring a pair of ballet shoes, tennis shoes, and socks you love to dance in to the program to use throughout the 2 weeks! 

For the Open Level Track, we simply advise you to bring clothes that you feel confident and comfortable moving in. Other than bringing tennis shoes, there are no other shoe requirements. If you have dance experience and have dance shoes such as jazz shoes or ballet shoes feel free to bring them for class! 

For hair, we just ask that hair is out of face for all classes and rehearsals.  

What do I need to bring with me? 

Aside from clothes and daily necessities for class and rehearsal, you will also need to pack: 

Flesh Tone Undergarments for Costumes 

Hair & Makeup Supplies for Performance Weekend 

Foam Rollers, Massage Balls and other Body Care Needs

Journal & Bible for Speaker Sessions 

Clothes for Gatherings Outside the Studio  

*A final packing list will be sent to all participating dancers a month prior to the start of the program.

How long is the dance day? Am I gonna dance a lot? Will I have rest days? 

Long. Yes! And yes! 

Dance days last approximately 10 hours each day. Please reference the daily schedule outline above. There will be special event days where the schedule is rearranged.

The two weeks will be intense! We strongly encourage everyone to prepare your body for long days of moving before coming. 

There will be "off days" scheduled into the program for rest and relaxation. There may be suggestions of things to do in the Dallas area, as well as time allotted for dancers to get to hang out together and continue to build community.  

*The full two week schedule outline will be sent to all participating dancers a month prior to the start of the program.

Will there be auditions for the 2022-2023 Season? 

Yes! All participants who are interested in auditioning for ZDP's upcoming season may use the Summer Series as your audition. During the first week of the series, we ask that anyone who may be interested in auditioning to please send a letter of intent via email so that our directors know that you desire to use your time at Summer Series as an audition.  

Does ZDP provide housing? 

Unfortunately at this time ZDP is unable to provide housing for Summer Series participants. If you have friends or family 

If you are interested in finding an Air BnB or Hotel to share with other Series Dancers, email to get info about the ZDP Housing Facebook group to connect with other participants who will be joining us this summer! 

Do I need access to a car? Is public transit an option? 

This is a hard question to give a definite answer to. If you are staying farther away from the studio location then yes you will need access to a car or have a system of carpooling in place. Unfortunately Dallas public transit is not reliable. 

If you plan to stay close to the studio, you may or may not need a car. There are two hotels right next to the studio if needed. 

Do you have to be a Christian to attend Summer Series?

No. Everyone is welcome to the table! During Summer Series we set a table for all to come and feast on the joy and freedom that shines from Zion. So if you are looking for a cultural/spiritual exchange, this may be for you! Come and join us at the table!