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Season 5, 2021-2022

This summer, Zion Dance Project offers professionals dancers the life-transforming experience of renewing their identity, purpose, and performance in dance. Join the movement lighting the way.

The Company

Discover Your Purpose - Find Your Tribe - Training Body + Mind + Spirit


Zion Dance Project Summer Series is an activating program connecting hand-selected, advanced performers with influential speakers and choreographers from around the world in Dallas, TX.

ZDP equips the dancer at various stages of their career and experience by providing spiritual skills necessary to walk in their identity and purpose, by establishing their call as a sacred dancer, and by enriching them with new perspectives to what it means to dance for and with the Spirit of God.

This structure is highly unusual in the context of the everyday rehearsal process of a dancer. We believe there will be a revival movement in the field of professional dance where more artists begin to glorify and offer the gift of dance back to the Creator.

In addition to this unique professional development, dancers will receive 20+ hours of teaching and impartation on topics such as identity, purpose, inner healing, intercession, prophetic, deliverance, and spiritual formation.

These guest speakers are powerfully well-equipped in their teachings, selected based on their experience in the field of ministry. Dancers will have the opportunity to engage and ask questions with speakers as well as receive mentorship on their spiritual journey.

Each day, morning technique classes are offered with genres such as ballet, contemporary, modern, jazz, and more. Dancers can expect to explore different spiritual artistic approaches and choreographic processes.

​This schedule fosters each individual’s artistic development by encouraging new skills and activation of deeper incorporation of faith and dance. Saturdays are filled with events, outreach performances, and showings.

ZDP Summer Series is committed to platforming and showcasing the work of today’s up-and-coming faith-filled artists. On the final weekend of the project, a concert will be presented in Dallas, Texas to showcase the work and growth of the dancers.

Program Details